Strategic Roadmap

We are developing an accurate, cost-effective, and portable DNA testing device by focusing on the following strategic pathways:

Transition to Mass Manufacturing – Having access to the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF) and leveraging connections with global microfluidic manufacturers, we will be in a prime position to transition from low-scale production to mass manufacturing.

Thermal Design – Through our collaboration with research experts at the University of New South Wales who specialise in thermal design of miniaturised systems, we will improve our test platform’s accuracy, speed, and portability.

Mobile Interface – By integrating our cartridge design with mobile device technology, we will reduce the cost of our device. This will open up the opportunity to deploy a large number of devices in low-income countries and improve the decision making of healthcare providers.

Portability and Minimal Power Consumption – To achieve a compact, portable device with low power consumption, we will use LED-based radiative heating, mobile technology for imaging, and disposable microfluidic cartridges for liquid handling.